We Offer an array of attractions for you to experience at any of our three locations.

Soft Play

Our engaging Soft Play attractions offer an exciting way for children to stay active and have fun together.

Net Course

Experience the thrill of our unique indoor obstacle net course, designed to engage, and challenge your entire body while improving your balance, coordination and flexibility.

Kiddie Towne

Kiddie Towne offers a range of activities for children under 4. With a ball pond, mini slides, carousel, and a variety of play equipment, young children can explore and have fun in a safe and engaging environment.

Kiddie Island

Kiddie Island attractions and engaging activities are designed to challenge and stimulate children’s physical and cognitive abilities, while providing endless hours of fun and entertainment.

Infant Playground

Our carefully selected activity boxes, foam blocks, waves, and peepholes provide a range of tactile and visual stimuli that promote sensory exploration, fine motor skills development, and cognitive growth in a secure and nurturing space.

Cannon Area

Experience a blast of fun in our Cannon Area, where you can shoot soft foam balls at targets or engage in friendly battles with friends.

Spider Tower

Take on the challenge of our spider web tower and climb to the top for a thrilling view of the play center. Once you’ve conquered the tower, experience an exhilarating ride down our curvy slide.


Get ready to fly high and land safely with our Airbag attraction! It’s like jumping on a big, fluffy cloud that gives you a soft landing every time you jump.

Digital Ball Wall

Step up to the challenge and have a ball with our interactive ball wall attraction! Our ball wall is equipped with a variety of targets and sensors that respond to every hit, creating a thrilling and engaging experience for children of all ages.

Magic Aquarium

Dive into an underwater adventure with our interactive magic aquarium game attraction! Our state-of-the-art technology brings the underwater world to life, as you explore and interact with a virtual aquarium filled with colorful sea creatures and mesmerizing landscapes.


Get ready to jump, crawl, and slide your way through our exciting inflatable obstacle course and slide! Our specially designed course offers a range of challenging obstacles that will test your agility, balance, and coordination

Interactive Dance Floor

Flooris a responsive dance surface that lights up and changes colors based on movement, creating an immersive atmosphere that encourages children to get creative and let loose.


This attraction is a test of your strength, courage, and agility, and is the perfect way for kids to unleash their inner adventurer in a safe and exciting environment.