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Let’s Play is an indoor soft play center, catering to children aged 0-14 years. Our facility is designed to provide a stimulating and enjoyable environment for children, featuring a themed soft play structures, cannon area, spider tower, one-of-a-kind net obstacle courses that exercises different muscles of the body, helps maintain orientation, flexibility, and agility. We have separate areas for babies and children under 3ft with their own ball pond, mini slides, merry-go-round, and playground.

We offer various party packages, including private parties, to ensure your celebrations are fun and unforgettable for everyone involved.

The Let’s Play concept was inspired by visits to other centers that offered limited play facilities for children and unsatisfactory catering for parents. To address these issues, we created relaxed and clean play centers that provide stimulating and enjoyable activities for children aged 0-14 years old. We recognize the importance of keeping children active and engaged while addressing parents’ concerns about unsupervised play. Our play areas are designed to promote physical activity and encourage exercise in a safe and controlled environment, with equipment that promotes various physical activities such as sliding, crawling, balancing, and more. We prioritize the safety and cleanliness of our play areas, with a gated entry/exit system, seating for parents, and a requirement for everyone to wear socks. We do not allow outside food in the play area but offer re-entry on the same day and food options for purchase.